EDUjudicate Features

EDUjudicate Search
EDUjudicate Search gives colleges/universities access to view, share, and search student discipline information with other member institutions. Track Clery reportable items and remain FERPA compliant.

EDUjudicate Behavioral Intervention Tool
The EDUjudicate Behavioral Intervention Tool allows colleges/universities to connect student behavior to student discipline utilizing a set of powerful integrated options.

EDUjudicate Threat Assessment Tool
The EDUjudicate Threat Assessment Tool allows colleges/universities to track and determine potential threats to the campus while accessing the credibility and seriousness of likely violence.

EDUjudicate Campus Concern Reporting
EDUjudicate Campus Concern Reporting is a fully customizable webpage that allows the college community to report anonymously potential and real incidents of violence through an online portal.

EDUjudicate Classroom Concern Reporting
The EDUjudicate Classroom Concern Reporting allows faculty in the classroom to report incidents that happen in the classroom as well as academic dishonesty.

EDUjudicate Title IX Case Analysis
The EDUjudicate Title IX Case Analysis tool is a powerful way to document and track all Title IX cases on your college/university.

EDUjudicate Data Reporting
EDUjudicate Data Reporting allows colleges/universities the ability to automatically to report specific variables of student discipline.

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