What is EDUjudicate?

EDUjudicate is a student discipline management platform that simplifies the difficult and time-consuming task of tracking student discipline across the nation.  With all of the uncertainty of campus violence, EDUjudicate helps improve student discipline tracking by ensuring that students are held accountable for their actions no matter what college they attend. 

EDUjudicate allows student code of conduct administrators and campus officials document and track disciplinary incidents, maintain related records, and minimize campus violence through prevention and collaboration.  EDUjudicate is ideal for colleges/universities and districts of all sizes. Inform, Collaborate, Prevent with EDUjudicate.

How It Works

Using EDUjudicate will enable student discipline information to be shared in a responsible secure manner and help to mitigate future college/university campus violence. Only authorized administrators can have access to a secure and encrypted environment to access student discipline information.


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